ProgressME is an online publication that aggregates American and Middle Eastern media, draws attention to little discussed issues in the region, and serves as a forum for college students to voice their own opinions and experiences

It publishes short, digestible blog posts that draw from a wide range of media sources to help students stay up to date on regional current events, and every month it releases an issue of long form essays, contributed by undergraduate students, that delve deeply into various topics. First and foremost, ProgressME exists as a platform for undergraduate students to express their views on Middle East issues.

 While we cannot accept every piece that is submitted, we welcome any interested undergraduate to send us their writing. Unlike other publications,  will not compare your work to that of professional academics and politicians – your submissions compete only with your fellow college students’. While academic journals and think tanks provide an important service by publicizing the work of professional experts, college students also have valuable ideas and experiences to contribute to the policy discussion, and it is our mission at ProgressME to give expression to those voices.

 Another function of ProgressME is to draw attention to issues of interest to progressives, many of which are underrepresented in the American media. Topics may include gender and sexuality issues, minority rights, peace initiatives, and more. Contributing writers are encouraged to send us ideas that are unique, new, and/or unpopular in the American policy conversation, and to highlight issues and populations that are minimally discussed. Please note that we are looking for topics having to do with the entire Middle East, not only Israel/Palestine.

 The final purpose of this publication is to help our readers stay up to date on major Middle East issues. Because American media give such scant attention to most issues in the region, and because few college students have the time to daily sift through the vastly different perspectives offered by various Middle Eastern news outlets, we aggregate news from a range of sources and deliver the highlights to our readers in quick, comprehensible blog posts.

 These posts are published a few times a week on our website and Facebook page to call our readers’ attention to important events and to provide explanations for ongoing issues. They pull from sources including Al Arabiya (owned by a Saudi broadcaster but headquartered in the United Arab Emirates), Al Jazeera (owned largely by the Qatari royal family), Al Ahram (owned largely by the Egyptian government), Ma’an (a non-governmental Palestinian news agency), IRNA (the official news agency of the Iranian government), Rudaw (a Kurdish media network headquartered in Erbil, Southern Kurdistan), and Haaretz (a non-governmental, left-leaning Israeli daily).

 We hope that you will follow our blog, read the essays of our contributing writers, and submit pieces of your own. Contact us at progressme2015@gmail.com with any additional questions or comments.

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